ECM Poster Prizes

ECM-32 Poster Prizes

IUCr Journals Poster Prize in the category Structural Chemistry G√°l Tam√°s Gyal,¬†Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Hungary) –¬†MS35-P35¬†Effect of Crystallization Conditions on Diuretic Clopamide and its Copper(II) Complexes IUCr Journals Poster Prize in the category Applied Crystallography Rameshan Raffael,¬† Technische Universit√§t Wien (Austria) – MS18-P10 Structural Modification of Perovskites by Tailored […]

ECM-31 Poster Prizes

ALAVA INGENIEROS POSTER PRIZES Alexander Morritt, University of East Anglia (UK) –¬†MS05-P10¬† Towards understanding phase transitions of confined pharmaceuticals Alexey Pustovarenko, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Saudi Arabia) –¬†MS32-P07 Nanosheets of non-layered aluminium Metal-Organic Frameworks through a surfactant-assisted method   CCDC POSTER PRIZE FOR YOUNGER SCIENTISTS Filip Topińá, […]

ECM-30 Poster Prizes

PDBe Poster Prize Field: Macromolecular Structure Sponsor: PDBe Panel:¬†Matthew Conroy,¬†Uwe Sauer Prize: Book ‚ÄúBiomolecular Crystallography‚ÄĚ signed by the author Almudena Ponce-Salvatierra, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, G√∂ttingen, Germany,¬†MS13-P13, Crystal structure of a DNA catalyst   RCSB Protein Data Bank Poster Prize Field: Macromolecular Crystallography Sponsor: RCSB PDB Panel:¬†Eleanor Dodson,¬†Gerlind […]

ECM-29 Poster Prizes

IUCr Poster Prize x3 Panel: Manfred Weiss, Carlo Mealli, Manuel Hinterstein, Artem Abakumov Field: Biological, Chemical and Physical Crystallography Sponsor: IUCr Prize: Complimentary print volume of International Tables for Crystallography Anton Brausemann, Institui f√ľr Biochemie, Alben-Ludwigs-Universitat Freiburg, Germany [MSS-PS Structural insight into the phytoene desaturase of rice] Eleonora Conterosito, Universila […]

ECM-28 Poster Prizes

RCSB Protein Data Bank Poster Prize Field: Macromolecular Crystallography Sponsor: RCSB PDB Panel: Marjolein Thunnissen, Pietro Roversi, Ralf Ficner [MSlZ-POS] Exploring Relationships Between Diffracted Intensity Decay and a New Dose Metric. Jonathan Brooks-Bartlett, Oliver B. Zeldin, Elspeth F. Garman SIG4 Electron Crystallography Poster Prize X2 Field: Electron Crystallography Sponsors: Calidris […]

ECM-27 Poster Prizes

Electron Crystallography (SIG 4) Poster Prizes Panel: Louisa Meshi, Holger Klein, Joke Hadermann MS37-P4 Bimodal domain configuration and wedge formation in tetragonal Pb[Zr1-xTix]O3. Liubomira Ana Schmitt (TU Darmstadt, Germany) Oxford Cryosystems Low Temperature Prize Panel: Manuel Fernandez, Dietmar Stalke MSZ4-P5 Low-temperature & high-pressure polymorphism in a room-temperature ionic liquid. Sofiane […]

ECM-26 Poster Prizes

Calidris & Nanomegas Electron Crystallography (SIG 4) Prize Panel: Louisa Meshi, Philip Nakashima, Joke Hedermann FA4-MS24-P02 – Refinement of structural parameters of PbTiO3 by Convergent-Beam electron diffraction. Roland Schierholz, Kenji Tsuda and Harmut Fuess Oxford Cryosystems Low Temperature Prize Panel: Bernard Titant, Alessandra Crispini FA3-MS20-P02 – Prediction of unusual reactivity […]

ECM-25 Poster Prizes

Calidris & Nanomegas Electron Crystallography(SIG 4) Prize Prize: 500 ‚ā¨ Sponsor: Calidris and Nanomegas Eligibility: Best poster / lecture student / post doc on electron crystallography, < 35 years with European affiliation Panel: Joke Haderman, Laurie Marks, Holger Klein FA3.MS03.P03 – Application of Automated Diffraction Tomography to Structural Solution of […]

ECM-24 Poster Prizes

UCr poster prize The IUCr Executive Committee is pleased to continue the series of awards to be presented at meetings of the Regional Associates. The prize will be awarded to the best poster from a graduate or undergraduate student, and will consist of complimentary online access to all IUCr journals […]

ECM-23 Poster Prizes

Oxford Cryosystems Poster Prize Roelandt De Borger – Belgium – poster m43.p01 “The conformational landscape of stilbenes: a reassuring observation” IUCr Poster Prize Sonja Hammer – Germany – poster m13.p17 “Simulation of the absorption of acetone on ice at surfaces, bulk ice and small-angle grain boundary” Andreas Lemmerer – South-Africa […]

ECM-22 Poster Prizes

Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) Poster Prizes in chemical crystallography Ayesha Jacobs – South-Africa – poster s7.m25.p1 “Isostructurality in Xanthenol Clathrates” Thammarat Aree – Switzerland – poster s13.m35.p1 “Atomic Displacement Parameters of the alpha-Polymorph of p-Dichlorobenzene Measured between 15 and 300 K” Zoran Stefanic -Croatia – poster s13.m42.p19 “Hydrogen bonding […]