ECM-32 Poster Prizes

IUCr Journals Poster Prize in the category Structural Chemistry

Gál Tamás Gyal, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Hungary) – MS35-P35 Effect of Crystallization Conditions on Diuretic Clopamide and its Copper(II) Complexes

IUCr Journals Poster Prize in the category Applied Crystallography

Rameshan Raffael,  Technische Universität Wien (Austria) – MS18-P10 Structural Modification of Perovskites by Tailored Exsolution for Enhanced Catalytic Activity

IUCr Journals Poster Prize in the category Structural Biology

Ge Mengyu, York Structural Biology Laboratory (UK) – MS06-P02 Structural Basis for RNA Translocation and NTP Hydrolysis by the Zika Virus NS3 Helicase

The Austrian Academy of Science Poster prize

Buganski Ireneusz, AGH University of Science and Technology (Poland) – MS23-P02 The Real Space Refinement of the Icosahedral Quasicrystal
Köhler Christian,  University of Göttingen (Germany) – MS29-P03 Comparison of Different Strategies for Modelling Hydrogen Atoms in Charge-Density Analyses

Protein Data Bank Poster Prize

Sala Fernanda Angelica (PHOTO 1), University of Sao Paulo (Bresil – MS03-P20  The SOD1-hCCS Mechanism Involved in Copper Homeostasis
Johannesen Hedda, University of Oslo (Norway), MS03-P04 – Crystal Structure of an Anti-Tumour Antibody in Complex with a Tumour-Specific Antigen

Vienna BioCenter Core Facilities Poster Prize

Bærentsen René,  Aarhus University (Denmark)-   MS08-P08 Bacterial Nucleosidase is Regulated by the Alarmone (p)ppGpp

Prof. Philip Coppens ECA SIG2 Quantum Crystallography Poster Award

Vukovic Vedran,  Université de Lorraine (France) – MS22-P07 Quinoid Dianion Forming a Lone-Pair Pi-Hole Contact

Boehringer Ingelheim Poster Prize

Hammerstad Marta,  University of Oslo (Norway) – MS07-P13  Enzyme Activation by a Flavoprotein Redox Network
Grybauskas Algirdas, Vilnius University (Latvia) – MS12-P06  Building the Protein Structure-Specific Side-Chain Rotamer Libraries

Stoe Poster Prize in Functional Materials

Wetzel Marius H. (PHOTO 2),  TU Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany) – MS17-P05 Ex-Situ Study of the Pressure Induced Decomposition of Iron Nitride Fe4N

NanoMEGAS Poster Prize in Electron Crystallography

Laulainen Joonatan E. M., University of Cambridge (UK) – MS43-P04  Mapping Non-Crystalline Nanostructure With Low-dose Scanning Electron Pair Distribution Function Analysis
Samperisi Laura, Stockholm University (Sweden) – MS25-P01  Electron Crystallography for Studying MOF-Intercalated Guests

Judith Flippen-Anderson Memorial Structural Dynamics Poster Prize

Correia Natalia,  University of Lille (France) – MS36-P02 Dynamical Disorder in the Solid State: Insights from Dielectric Relaxation Spectroscopies

IET SIG 6 Poster Prize: Prof Jacek Grochowski In Memoriam

Ceretti Monica, CNRS Montpellier (France) –  MS42-P01  Phase Diagram and Redox Behavior of (Nd/Pr)2NiO4+d Electrodes Explored by in situ Neutron Powder Diffraction