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The ECA kindly invites you to the 12th ECA Lunch webinar:


The technological advances in electron microscopy, in detector development and in available image processing tools made cryo-EM a highly successful and rapidly developing method for protein structure determination. The number of structures determined by cryo-EM is currently still growing exponentially and the resolution limit of the technique has constantly been improved over the last decade. We have determined the first true-atomic resolution structure of apoferritin by cryo-EM in which individual atoms are clearly resolved. However, at very high resolution, quality issues in cryo-EM density maps also become apparent. Microscope instrumentation plays a key role with respect to map resolution and map quality. Therefore, I will discuss the resolution limiting factors in cryo-EM and how these limitations can potentially be overcome in the future.

Intro + ~45min + ~15min Q&A
When: Thursday, 2nd June 2022 at 13:00 CEST (i.e. 1:00 p.m. in Paris/Berlin/Vienna…). Where: Online :::::::link to registration:::::::

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About the ECA Lunch webinars:

The ECA lunch webinars with an educational or scientific focus were invented following the strong wish to strengthen and vitalize the European crystallographic community. They are a monthly webinar series by the European Crystallographic Association (ECA) and involve all GIGs/SIGs.

The webinars are organized in an online setting such as Zoom (45min + 15min Q&A) and take place every first or second (depending on the schedule of other ECA activities) Thursday of a month at lunchtime (1:00 PM CET). Webinars will be announced via social media, mailing list, and here.

The webinars are organized by a steering committee of GIG01-members:
Breternitz, Joachim
Gaidamaka, Anna
Germann, Luzia
Hans, Philipp
Mazzeo, Paolo P.
Morana, Marta
Pisacic, Mateja


Advisory board:
Heinemann, Udo
van der Lee, Arie