National Members

The National Members are crystallographic associations of countries or regions which have been accepted by the Council and have paid their current subscription; the National Members have the right of representation and voting in the Council via an appointed delegate.

The Adhering Body is normally the National Crystallographic Association. If such an association does not exist, a body may be approved by the Council to represent the practising crystallographers of that country.

Countries which are not part of Europe geographically may be admitted at the discretion of the Council.

Any number of countries may agree to form a group in order to name or establish a single Adhering Body. This body shall form a joint national or regional committee for crystallography.

If you are interested in join the ECA as a National Member, please contact the ECA NM Officer. Find general instructions for becoming a National Member of the European Crystallographic Association on this link.

List of current ECA National Members:

dz.svg Albania dz.svg Algeria at.svg Austria
be.svg Belgium bg.svg Bulgaria hr.svg Croatia
cz.svg Czech Republic dk.svg Denmark eg.svg Egypt
fi.svg Finland fr.svg France de.svg Germany
gr.svg Greece hu.svg Hungary ie.svg Ireland
il.svg Israel it.svg Italy kosovo.svg Kosovo
lv.svg Latvia mk.svg SCTM (Macedonia) ma.svg Morocco
nl.svg Netherlands no.svg Norway pl.svg Poland
pt.svg Portugal rs.svg Serbia sk.svg Slovak Republic
si.svg Slovenia za.svg South Africa es.svg Spain
se.svg Sweden ch.svg Switzerland tn.svg Tunisia
tr.svg Turkey ua.svg Ukraine UAE United Arab Emirates
gb.svg United Kingdom


am.svg Armenia by.svg Belarus ee.svg Estonia
romania Romania