Current Interest Groups

General Interest Groups

GIG-01 Young Crystallographers
GIG-02 Senior Crystallographers
GIG-03 Education in Crystallography

Special Interest Groups

SIG-01 Macromolecular Crystallography
SIG-02 Quantum Crystallography
SIG-03 Aperiodic Crystals
SIG-04 Electron Crystallography
SIG-05 Mineral and Inorganic Crystallography
SIG-06 Instrumentation and Experimental Techniques
SIS-07 Molecular Interaction and Recognition
SIG-08 Powder Diffraction
SIG-09 Crystallographic Computing
SIG-11 Crystallography Under Extreme Conditions
SIG-12 Crystallography of Functional Materials
SIG-13 Molecular Structure and Chemical Properties
SIG-14 Dynamics, Disorder and Diffuse Scattering
SIG-15 Crystallography in Art and Cultural Heritage