This form is intended for contacts not covered elsewhere in the site. Other pages/forms are available for more efficient and focused contacts:

  • To post news to be publicly displayed in the ECA website, use User Submitted Posts form. Job, meeting and school announcements haver their specific forms, see below.
  • For any contact related to the website, please contact the ECA webmaster.
  • To directly contact a member of the Executive Committe, use one of these email addresses.
    • (President)
    • (Past President)
    • (Vicepresident)
    • (Secretary)
    • (Treasurer)
    • (Interest Groups officer)
    • (Meetings officer)
    • (National Members officer)
    • (Education coordinator)
  • For contacts related to ECA membership, please go to the Individual Members, Corporate Members or National Members Pages.
  • To contact the coordinators of a SIG or GIG, go to the corresponding IG page.
  • To post an announcement of a meeting go to the National Meetings Announcement form. There is also a form for general announcement of meetings. To request for financial support for meetings, go to the Financial support for Meetings or to the Financial support for Courses/Schools forms. To post an announcement of a course/school go to the Course/School Announcement form.
  • To propose candidates for ECA prizes, go to the Max Perutz Prize nomination form or the Erwin Felix Lewy Bertaut Prize nomination form.
  • To submit a new Job/Position announcement, go to the Submit a new job/position.
  • For any other contact, use the following form:
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