European Crystallographic Meetings

The flagship of ECA activities is the European Crystallographic Meeting (ECM), held every year, except when there is an IUCr Congress. The ECMs are the main meeting point for crystallographers in the ECA area to show their recent research. Microsymposia at ECMs are proposed and organized by ECA SIGs.

The ECMs are the general meetings of the ECA and are held every year when there is no IUCr congress.

Next ECM

See you in Padova!

The 34th European Crystallographic Meeting, ECM34, will take place in Padova, Italy,  from 26-31 August 2024.

Padova is one of the most charming towns in Italy and hosts a lively University that is among the oldest in Europe. The historical centre boasts a wealth of medieval, renaissance and modern architecture. From Giotto to Mantegna, from Donatello to Galileo Galilei, Padova has been host to the greatest artists and scientists of the ages, making it a temple of knowledge.

On behalf of the European Crystallographic Association and of the Italian Association of Crystallography (AIC), we look forward to meet you in Padova in 2024.

Future ECMs

ECM-35: Poznań, Poland and Lviv, Ukraine, August 2025

ECM-36: Prague, Czechia, August 2027

Past ECMs

ECM33 logo-vienna
ECM-33: Versailles, France, 23-27 August 2022 ECM-32: Vienna, Austria: 18-23 August 2019
logo-oviedo ECM30_Basel2016 ecm29_logo ecm28_logo ecm27_logo

ECM-31: Oviedo, Spain

22-27 August 2018

ECM-30: Basel, Switzerland

28 August – 1 September 2016

ECM-29: Rovinj, Croatia

23-28 August 2015

ECM-28: Warwick, UK

25-29 August 2013

ECM-27: Bergen, Norway

7-11 August 2012

ecm26 ecm25 ecm24 LogoECM-23 ecm22

ECM-26: Darmstadt, Germany

29 August-2 September 2010

ECM-25: Istanbul, Turkey

16-21 August 2009

ECM-24: Marrakech, Morocco

22-27 August 2007

ECM-23: Leuven, Belgium

6-11 August 2006

ECM-22: Budapest, Hungary

26-31 August 2004

  • ECM-21: Durban, South Africa: 24-29.8.2003
  • ECM-20: Krakow, Poland: 25 – 31.8.2001
  • ECM-19: Nancy, France: 25 – 31.8.2000
  • ECM-18: Praha, Czech Republic, 16-20.8.1998
  • ECM-17 Lisboa, Portugal, 24-28.8.1997
  • ECM-16 Lund, Sweden, 6-11.8.1995
  • ECM-15 Dresden, Germany,  28.8-2.9.1994
  • ECM-14 Enschede, Netherlands, 2-7.8.1992
  • ECM-13 Ljubljana – Trieste, Slovenia – Italy, 26-30.8.1991
  • ECM-12 Moscow, USSR, 20-29.8.1989
  • ECM-11 Vienna, Austria, 28.8-2.9.1988
  • ECM-10 Wrocław, Poland, 5-9.8.1986
  • ECM-9 Torino, Italy, 2-6.9.1985
  • ECM-8 Liège, Belgium, 8-12.8.1983
  • ECM-7 Jerusalem, Israel, 29.8-3.9.1982
  • ECM-6 Barcelona, Spain, 28.7-1.8.1980
  • ECM-5 Copenhagen, Denmark, 13-17.8.1979
  • ECM-4 Oxford, UK, 30.8-3.9.1977
  • ECM-3 Zürich, Switzerland, 6-10.9.1976
  • ECM-2 Keszthely, Hungary, 26-29.8.1974
  • ECM-1 Bordeaux, France, 5-8.9.1973