The International Year of Crystallography has been a big success that we cannot be lost. The IUCr has released a resolution initially by representatives of the IUCr, UNESCO, TWAS, ICSU Regional Office for Africa, IUBMB and IUPAP with a forward-looking focus on how to sustain momentum and build on the success of the Year. The full text of the resolution is available here.

Find what’s going on at the Official IUCr IYCr2014 page or the ECA IYCr2014 page.


Outreach activities

European Crystallography Video Contest - The European Crystallography Video Contest is open to all schoolchildren from European countries. Its goal is to introduce young students to the exciting and challenging world of Crystal Growing and […]
ECA supports young participants to Laboratory and synchrotron X-ray crystallography in Senegal - The ECA will provide grants to support the participation of young reserachers to the IUCr-IUPAP-ICTP OpenLab in Senegal next 20 November  – 2 December 2017 (https://www.iycr2014.org/events/openlabs/iucr-iupap-ictp-openlab-senegal). The ECA is strongly committed […]
A Museum of Structural Chemistry opened in Parma - A new Museum showing the beauty of crystallography has been inaugurated at the University of Parma. The exhibition covers different aspects of crystallography and it is particularly focused on the […]
Art inside your crystals - Since ancient times, crystals have captivated humankind. However, the beauty of crystals is not only found on the outside but also on the inner structure. The arrangement of atoms or […]
Excellent site to start learning Crystallography - The Crystallography group of the IQFR (CSIC, Madrid) has been for many years editing a very good site with lots of well-curated teaching materials on crystallography. These materials are available […]
CRISTALES, a world to discover - 2014 has been declared the International Year of Crystallography by the General Assembly of the United Nations. As the UN resolution itself recognises, crystallography is the science that has enabled […]
CRISTALLI! - Crystals – known to everybody as gems, snow crystals, or salt grains – are widespread in the nature around us. The investigation of their structure and properties means looking inside […]
Crystallization Competition in the School - The Crystallization Competition in the School is an innovative contest on Crystallography and Crystallization for young students aged 12-16. It is organised in Spain and coordinated by the Spanish Specialized […]
Concours National de croissance cristalline - Based on previous experiences done at the regional level in the last years, a French national crystal growth competition for high-school students is planned for 2014 on the occasion of […]
Platonic Solids and Quasicrystals – Moments in the History of Crystallography - This year’s exhibition at Carolina Rediviva, Platonic Solids and Quasicrystals, is all about crystallography and shows how this science has been perceived over time. By collaborating with the Museum of […]
L’enigma Escher - “L’ENIGMA ESCHER- PARADOSSI GRAFICI TRA ARTE E GEOMETRIA” is the title of a major retrospective exhibition of the work of Maurits Cornelis Escher, on display in Reggio Emilia until 23 […]