GIG-02 Senior Crystallographers

GIG-SC Scope and Objectives

The purpose of the GIG-SC is to represent the interests, needs and concerns of Senior Crystallographers.  The goals of the GIG-SC are:

  • To incorporate the senior crystallographers into the European Crystallographic Association community and to promote activities at scientific, organizational and social levels.
  • To construct an appropriate scenario for the exchange of ideas and information relevant to senior crystallographers.

GIG-SC Officers


Bill Clegg

University of Newcastle, UK


Helen Stoeckli-Evans

Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Secretary: Helen Stoeckli-Evans (ad-interim)

Webmaster: Helen Stoeckli-Evans (ad-interim)

Officers: ku.ca1623315370.swer1623315370dna-t1623315370s@3fg1623315370“>George Ferguson, ln.uu1623315370@keps1623315370.l.a1623315370“>Anthony L. Spek, se.ci1623315370sc.mm1623315370ci@ze1623315370rreit1623315370uge1623315370“>Enrique Gutierrez-Puebla

GIG-SC Delegates



GIG-SC activities at future ECMs

Local organizing committee member and GIG-SC contact person of ECM33, Versailles, France, 2022: Bill Clegg

Programme committee of ECM33, Versailles, France, 2022: Bill Clegg

Co-organizers of the microsymposium at ECM33, Versailles, France, 2022:  to be announced

GIG-SC activities at future ECMs

ECM33: Versailles, France, August 2021

  • GIG-SC General Meeting: Date, time and room to be announced
  • Microsymposium: Under discussion


GIG-SC Statutes



GIG-SC General meeting at ECM31, Oviedo: Minutes

GIG-SC 2018-2019 Annual Report

Senior Crystallographers’ letter to conference organizers

Join the senior crystallographers’ e-mail distribution list by writing to the GIG-SC secretary, Helen Stoeckli-Evans

Fellowships and scholarships

CCDC Emeritus Research Fellowships

ECA Scholarship fund for attendance at an ECM

Glimpses of History

Discussions between Dorothy Hodgkin and Guy Dodson recorded in 2008

GIG-SC Documents