European Crystallography School

ECA is committed to promote continuous high-level education in crystallography. European Crystallography Schools (ECS) are the central component of ECA’s educational activities. These Schools are regular events hosted annually or biannually, each time in a different country. In 2014, the first European Crystallography School (ECS1) took place in Pavia. Each School offers basic training in crystallography; advanced subjects in crystallography may be included by the School organizer, who justifies the choice of subjects when applying for the School. Advanced subjects alternate between European Crystallography Schools to ensure coverage of all aspects of crystallography. Schools employ a truly international faculty of renowned teachers, thus helping aggregate future scientists, and serving as a seed for new European scientific networks. Organization of a School at the European level may allow or require funding from various sources including European initiatives, such as the Erasmus Intensive Program. In this way, students or young scientists from countries where crystallography is less developed will find excellent opportunities for their advanced education and for starting new contacts and collaborations. European Crystallography Schools are not expected to make financial profits.

In addition to European Crystallography Schools, ECA regularly provides financial support to local schools, workshops and conferences within the ECA region, including Europe, as well as Africa and the Middle East (typically at least 5000 Euros per annum overall as student bursaries). ECA maintains its strong commitment to provide regular support to these local initiatives.


Next ECS

See you in Lisbon, Portugal (2022)

ECS7, the 2022 European Crystallographic School will be the first one to be attended IN PERSON after the COVID19 pandemic. However, the Organization is prepared to go on-line if necessary.

The school will be held in Lisbon, at the Chemical Engineering Department of Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon University.

The program of the 2022 School will be focused in X-ray crystallography of powders, small molecules and macromolecules, covering from the fundaments of Diffraction to the latest developments in the fields.

For more details, follow this link.

Future ECSs

ECS-8: Berlin (2023)


Past ECSs

 ECS-6 Budapest (Hungary) 4 – 10 July 2021  ECS-5 Stellenbosch (South-Africa) 8 – 14 July 2018
 ECS-4 Warsaw (Poland) 2 – 7 July 2017 ECS-3: Bol (Croatia) September 25 – October 2, 2016
ECS-2: Mieres (Asturias, Spain), 31st August – 5th September 2015 ECS-1: Pavia (Italy): 28th August – 6th September, 2014