SIG-06 Instrumentation and Experimental Techniques

Scope and Objectives

The mission of  the European Crystallographic Association SIG6 (Special Interest Group 6) is to promote access and awareness of crystallographers to new Instruments and Experimental Techniques.  This concerns instrumentation & methods and particularly those who use synchrotron-radiation, FEL, neutrons and combined methods. We are involved in the organization of schools, conferences and symposia for the ECM-Meetings.

SIG-06 Officers

The SIG6 was founded in 2000 led by Prof John R Helliwell whereby the appropriate documentation of the SIG6 name, constitution and supporter signatories was submitted to and approved by the ECA Council.

Between 2000 to 2004 the Officers were:

  • Prof John R Helliwell, Chairman ECA IET SIG.
  • Prof Jacek Grochowski, Vice-Chairman ECA IET SIG.

In 2005, at Florence,
As the Chairman J. Helliwell had served 5 years in establishing and then running the SIG he proposed the Vice-Chairman J L Hodeau to be the next Chairman. Hodeau became the IET SIG 6 chairman in August 2005.

In 2011, at the IUCr meeting in Madrid, Robert Cernik was appointed as the new chairman of SIG6, followed by Thomas Tschentscher after ECM-27 in 2012, and Ullrich Pietsch in 2014.

Current SIG Officers:

Other members:

  • Tilo Baumbach (D)
  • Robert Cernik (UK)
  • Naomi Chayen (UK)
  • Vincent Favre-Nicolin (F) – webmaster
  • Santiago Garcia Granda (SP)
  • Heger Gernot (G)
  • René Guinebretière (F)
  • John R. Helliwell (UK)
  • Jean-Louis Hodeau (F)
  • Jordi Juanhuix (S)
  • Martin Lutz (NL)
  • Ake Kvick (S)
  • Ian Robinson (UK)
  • Juan Rodriguez-Carvajal (F)
  • Emmanuel Saridakis (GR)
  • Thomas Tschentscher (G)
  • Heribert Wilhelm (UK)

Mailing List

Scientists which to participate to the SIG6 discussions should join the group’s mailing list:

The mailing list engine is a SYMPA server, user information is available from:

The list of commands you can send are listed in (the list name is “era-sig6”)