A Museum of Structural Chemistry opened in Parma

A new Museum showing the beauty of crystallography has been inaugurated at the University of Parma. The exhibition covers different aspects of crystallography and it is particularly focused on the connection between crystals and daily life, medicine, nutrition, advanced materials, with the aim to highlight the importance of structure in understanding chemistry.

The Museum displays molecular models, giant sugar crystals, minerals, biominerals, and a massive 250 kg silicon single crystal.


The Museum is becoming very popular among high school teachers, and it is an important legacy of IUCr2014 in Parma.


About president

UH leads the Macromolecular Structure and Interaction laboratory at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin. His research interests in structural biology cover the structural basis of gene expression control, of intracellular protein trafficking and sorting, and of protein-carbohydrate interactions.