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The ECA sponsors European symposia, schools, workshops and conferences on topics relevant to crystallography.

The following rules, accepted by vote by the ECA Council in Darmstadt (August 2011), apply:

  1. 5000 € to be distributed each year.
  2. Grants in the range of 500-2000 €.
  3. Application from the organisers must be received before 1st February or 1st August annually for events planned for the following year and at least 6 months before the event. Applications should be supported by a letter from at least one SIG chair or if no relevant SIG exists by the chair of an IUCr Commission.
  4. Dates of conference must be outside of a blackout period of ± 1 month around the ECM’s and IUCr Congresses.
  5. There should be an official bank account or sub-account opened for the conference or its organising institution, to which the support will be transferred.
  6. The ECA funds should be used to support young scientists (under 35) from the ECA “region”, with priority to less developed countries.
  7. Individual Membership of the ECA is a condition of the award for a student bursary from the ECA at schools or workshops. At conferences/workshops an application for financial support should only be considered if the applicant is also registered in the IUCr World Directory of Crystallographers.
  8. There should be a reasonable geographical distribution of the fellowships. In particular, the organising country should not dominate the list of awards. National meetings should use the grant to attract young participants from other countries. The gender balance should also be taken into consideration.
  9. An applicant should be presenting author of an accepted abstract (applies to conferences, symposia and other meetings, whose main purpose is the presentation of scientific results).
  10. The ECA support should be acknowledged in the conference materials, web pages, and announcements. Where possible, the ECA logo should accompany the acknowledgment. Participants should be aware of being recipient of an ECA bursary.
  11. Within 3 months after the meeting, the organisers should provide for the Executive Committee a short report indicating how the ECA support was used to help young participants (including a list of their names and email addresses) and for inclusion in ECA News a brief statement summarizing the event (including a short scientific report written by the bursary holders).Download Form

Requests for financial support for meetings should be submitter to the using the form below. In case of problems, please contact her by email (). If for some reason yo are unable to use the form, you can still fill the old form (downloadable as a file in OpenDocument, PDF or DOCformat) and send it to the meetings office. But please use this method only as a last resort.

Deadlines: 1st February and 1st August annually for events planned for the following year and at least 6 months before the event.

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