A GIG-03 Project Receives a Grant from the Royal Society of Chemistry Inclusion and Diversity Fund

Women in crystallography videosGIG-03 has launched the project “Women in Crystallography – a video series” with the aim of preparing and disseminating a series of ten video interviews to celebrate the importance of women in the field of crystallography and science, while, at the same time, raising awareness about the pitfalls and obstacles on the way to reach gender parity in science. The project has received a grant from the Royal Society of Chemistry Inclusion and Diversity Fund.

The PI for the project is Annalisa Guerri, Vice-Chair of GIG-03. The project has been endorsed by the European Crystallographic Association, the Inorganic Chemistry Division of the Società Chimica Italiana, the French Chemical Society, the Belgian Société Royale de Chimie, The Royal Flemish Chemical Society, and the Polish Chemical Society.

The idea for the project stems from the microsymposia entitled “Women in Crystallography” included in the program of the conferences ECM31 and ECM32, that were organised to commemorate pioneering women in crystallography as well as to discuss changes in policies and interventions required to eliminate gender stereotypes, increase sensitivity, and facilitate equal treatment of everyone at all stages of a scientific career.

The first pilot video will be released in June 2024 and successive interviews will appear regularly every two months. The links to the videos will be advertised through the mailing list of ECA, the website and social media. Stay tuned!