Becoming a National Member of the European Crystallographic Association (ECA)

In order to become a National Member of ECA, a country (or group of countries) must formally apply to the ECA Council.

The adhering body must be a formal association. This does not have to be a crystallographic association – it can be another national association (for example the national chemistry or physics association). The adhering body will join ECA to become part of the European cooperation in crystallography as defined in ECA Statutes.

To apply for ECA membership, the following should be submitted to the Executive Committee of ECA via the National Members Officer:

  • A letter of application, stating the name of the adhering body, as well as an approximate number of active crystallographers in the country.
  • Names and contact details of the person to act as councillor on the ECA Council, as well as any substitutes.
  • A list of active crystallographers in the country applying for membership, including recent relevant publications where possible. This is not required to be an absolutely comprehensive list, but should clearly demonstrate the extent and level of crystallographic research in the country.


The Executive Committee will make an initial assessment of the application, after which it will be tabled at the next Council meeting for approval.