ECM-27 Poster Prizes

Electron Crystallography (SIG 4) Poster Prizes

Panel: Louisa Meshi, Holger Klein, Joke Hadermann

MS37-P4 Bimodal domain configuration and wedge formation in tetragonal Pb[Zr1-xTix]O3. Liubomira Ana Schmitt (TU Darmstadt, Germany)

Oxford Cryosystems Low Temperature Prize

Panel: Manuel Fernandez, Dietmar Stalke

MSZ4-P5 Low-temperature & high-pressure polymorphism in a room-temperature ionic liquid. Sofiane Saouane (Georg-August—Universitat GZG, Abteilung Kristallog, Germany)

RCSB PDB Poster Prize

Panel: Udo Heineman, Linda Shimon, Ute Krengel

MSB-P4 Cardiotonic Steroids and the Na/K-ATPase. Jonas Lindholt (PUMPKIN, University oanrhus, Denmark)

CCDC poster prize

Panel: Luc van Meeveldt, Deon Vsser

MSZG-P14 A stable organic radical stacked by in situ coordination to Rare Earth cations. Natalia Sneiko (ICMM-CSIC, Spain)

MSZ4-P2 Hydrogen/deuterium-exchange on small organic molecules and its influence on the molecular Aggregation. Anna Kupka (Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany)

MS43-P4 Experimental and DFT Studies on Poly[okta-m3-acesulfamato-O,O:N,O’:O’,N:O,O tetraaquatetrabarium(II)] Complex. Güneş Demirtaş (Ondokuz Mayis University, Turkey)

IUCr poster prizes

Panel: Kamil Dziubek, Alexei Bosak

Biology: MS1-P14 Insulin Analogues for Insulin Receptor Studies and Medical Applications. Christopher J Watson (YSBL, University of York, United Kingdom)

Chemistry: MS13-P4 Mixed-metal precursors for mixed-metal oxides. Claire-Lise Chanez (University of Fribourg, Switzerland)

Physics: MS34-P2 Stacking disorder and diffuse scattering in the B-phase of Pigment Red 170 explained by lattice-energy Minimizations. Jaroslav L. Teteruk (Goethe University, Germany)

Marresearch Poster Prize for Outstanding Young Scientist

Panel: Luigi Nassimbeni

MSZ1-P2 Multidimensional crystallography applied to critical phenomena. Mariette Céline (Université de Rennes, France)

MS43-P11 Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Ta(V) and Nb(V) Complexes containing N,O- and O,O’-Bidentate Ligands. Renier Koen (Univ. of the Free State, South Africa)

Jacek Grochowski Poster Prize (SIG 6)

Panel: John Helliwell, Bob Cernik

MS14-P5 G-Rob with Crystal Listing function for automated in situ diffraction and with robotic Crystal Harvesting. Mohammad Y. H. Khaiepour (Institut de Biologie Structurale, France)

European Mineralogical Union Poster Prize

Panel: Herta Effenberger

MS15-P15 Boron In Mullltes. Hanna Luehrs (Unrversrtat Bremen, Germany)

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