ECM-28 Poster Prizes

RCSB Protein Data Bank Poster Prize

Field: Macromolecular Crystallography
Sponsor: RCSB PDB
Panel: Marjolein Thunnissen, Pietro Roversi, Ralf Ficner

[MSlZ-POS] Exploring Relationships Between Diffracted Intensity Decay and a New Dose Metric. Jonathan Brooks-Bartlett, Oliver B. Zeldin, Elspeth F. Garman

SIG4 Electron Crystallography Poster Prize X2

Field: Electron Crystallography
Sponsors: Calidris & Nanomegas
Panel: Ute Kolb, Joke Hadermann, Louisa Meshi

[MSl7-P01] Solving molecular structures with TALP from diffraction data of limited quality. Oriol Vallcorba, Jordi Rius, Stavros Nicolopoulus.

[M517-P02] TEM characterization of highly active catalysts based on nanostructured Hollandite—type manganese oxide (Ag-HMO). Zakariae Amghouz, A. Dikhtiarenko, P. Hu, X. Tang, S. Garcia Granda

SIG 6 Jacek Grochowski Poster Prize

Field: Instrumentation and Experimental Techniques
Sponsor: SRS Daresbury Laboratory and the University of Manchester
Panel: Bob Cernik, David Hall, Lukas Palatinus, Dave Billing, David Keen

[MSl-POZ] Submicrosecond X-ray Crystallography: New Technique, Challenges and Opportunities. Semen Gorfman, Michael Ziolkowski, Manuel Angst, Shilpa Adiga, Hyeokmin Choe, Mohammad al Taani, Ullrich Pietsch.

SIG9 Crystallographic Computing Poster Prize

Field: Computational Crystallography
Sponsor: OlexSys
Panel: Gianluca Cascarano, Horst Puschmann, Rob Nicholls

[MSlO-POS] Internal modes of anisotropic displacements of hydrogen atoms from the invariom database. J. Lübben and B. Dittrich

SIG12 Poster Prize

Field: Functional materials
Sponsor: Stoe & Cie Gmbh
Panel: Andrzej Grzechnik, Klaudia Hradil, Julien Haines

[MSZ4-P31] Towards Tunable Optical Properties: Thermochromism in Haloaniline Complexes. Charlotte L. Jones, Lynne H. Thomas and Chick C. Wilson

IUCr Poster Prize x3

Field: Biological, Chemical and Physical Crystallography
Sponsor: IUCr
Panel: Michele Zema, Susan Bourne, Gerlind Sulzenbacher, Karen Friese

[MSlO-POG] Can one use invarioms to place hydrogens for refinement against X—Ray data? Claudia Orben, G. M. Sheldrick, B. Dittrich

[MSO4-P06] Reciprocal space clustering of BORGES-ARCIMBOLDO partial solutions: Practical cases. Claudia
Millán, M. Sammito, K. Meindl, I.M de Ilarduya, I. De Marino, I. Usón

[M518-P08] Niobium rich chevkinite—(Ce) —structural investigations. Marcin Stachowicz, Krzysztof Wozniak, Boguslaw Baginski, Ray Macdonald

Oxford Cryosystems Low Temperature Prize

Field: Low temperature crystallography
Sponsor: Oxford Cryosystems
Panel: Arwen Pearson, Judith Howard, Leonid Dubrovinsky

[M514-P08] Metastable structures in Rbdoped KZZnCIZ: New phase transitions due to memory effects. Karsten Behrendt, Jeannis,Leist, Holger Gibhardt, Gotz Eckold

CCDC Poster Prize X3

Field: Chemical crystallography
Sponsor: CCDC
Panel: Chiara Massera, Paul Raithby, Elena Boldyreva

[MS33-P08] Kinetic control of high pressure crystallizationzrates of compression, Joe Ridout

[M539-P05] Towards Multi-component Crystallisation in a Continuous Flow Environment. Kate Wittering, Chick C.Wilson, Ali N. Saleemi

[MS45-P08] Trospium chloride: Polymorphism vs. Molecular Disorder. Eliska Skorepova, Jan Cejka, Michal Husék, Antonim Sturc, Bohumil Kratochvil

Marresearch Poster Prize for Outstanding Young Scientists x2

Field: Any
Sponsor: Marresearch
Panel: Michele Zema, Susan Bourne, Gerlind Sulzenbacher, Karen Friese

[MS24-P37] Pyrrolidine and its hydrates — in situ crystallization, structure and properties. Paulina Taraszewska, L. Dobrzycki, R. Boese

[MS39-P14] A Vocabulary for precipitation patterns, Jia Tsing Ng

ECM28 Poster Prize for Mineralogy and Allied Disciplines

Field: Mineralogical sciences and allied disciplines
Sponsor: ECM28
Panel: Helmuth Ehrenberg, Olga Yakubovich, Oleg Siidra

[M528-P07] Reversible C02 absorption by the 6H perovskite Ba4Sb209. Matthew T. Dunstan, Wen Liu, Adriano F. Pavan, Justin A. Kimpton, Chris D. Ling, Stuart A. Scott, John 5. Dennis and Clare P. Grey

XMaS Poster Prize

Field: Materials research using Synchrotron Radiation
Sponsor: XMaS Mid-Range Facility
Panel: Bob Cernik, David Hall, Lukas Palatinus, Dave Billing, David Keen

[MSZ7-P01] Watching materials form: In situ total scattering studies of nanoparticle synthesis. Kirsten M. O. Jensen, ChristofferTyrsted, Mogens Christensen, Espen D. Bojesen, Nina Lock, Simon Billinge, Bo B. Iversen

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