ECM-26 Poster Prizes

Calidris & Nanomegas Electron Crystallography (SIG 4) Prize

Panel: Louisa Meshi, Philip Nakashima, Joke Hedermann

FA4-MS24-P02 – Refinement of structural parameters of PbTiO3 by Convergent-Beam electron diffraction.
Roland Schierholz, Kenji Tsuda and Harmut Fuess

Oxford Cryosystems Low Temperature Prize

Panel: Bernard Titant, Alessandra Crispini

FA3-MS20-P02 – Prediction of unusual reactivity of Xiloxanes from Electronic Properties. Simon Grabowsky, M.F. Hesse, W. Morgenroth, C. Paulmann, P. Luger.

Zeitschrift für Kristallographie Prize

Panel: Xiadong Zhou

FA4-MS29-P05 – Robust alkaline-earth arenedisulfonate Metal-Organic framework materials. Ana E. Platero-Prats, N. Snejko, A. Monge, E. Gutierrez-Puebla.

CCDC Poster Prize

Panel: Dave Billing, Luc van Meerveldt

FA4-MS35-P06 – Two polymorphs of DAEP anhydrate (C14H16N2O4) from powder diffraction data. Jürgen Brüning, E. Alig, J. van de Streek, M. Schmidt.

FA4-MS34-P01 – Crystallographic study of N-O schiff bidentate rhenium and cooper complexes. Alice Brink, Andreas Roodt, Hendrik G. Visser.

FA4-MS26-P03 – Alternate crystal forms of the antihypertensive Perindopril Erbumine. Vania André, M.T. Duarte, L. Cunha-Silva, P. Paulo Santos.

IUCr Poster Prizes

Panel: Elena Buldireva, Helmut Ehrenberg

Biology: FA1-MS04-P05 – MR-SAD: Phasing employing the NMR structure without model bias. Andrea Thorn, F. Kerek, C.E.L. da Cunha, I. Uson, G.M. Sheldrick.

Chemistry: FA2-MS19-P03 – Studies on the decomposition of tugsten hexacarbonyl, W(CO)6. Nadine Rademacher, L. Bayarjargal, B. Winkler, H. Kim, K. Page, T. Proffen.

Physics: FA4-MS30-P03 – Investigation of hydrogen bonds at low temperature using polarized Raman spectroscopy and single-crystal X-ray diffraction. Boris A. Zakharov, B.A. Kolesov, E.V. Boldireva

RCSB PDB Posier Prize

Panel: Wolf-Dieter Schubert, Norbert Straeter

FA1-MS11-P07 – Structure and Biochemistry of the APP E2-domain. Sven O. Dahms, Dirk Roeser, Manuel E. Than

Marresearch Poster Prize for Outstanding Young Scientist

Panel: Alessia Bacchi, Julien Haines, Wolf-Dieter Schubert

FA1-MS01-P12 – Mechanistic studies on ubiquitin chain formation by Triad1. Judith J. Smit, R. Hibbert, J.A. Marteijn, B.A. van der Reijden, Titia K. Sixma.

FA5-MS40-P12 – Assembly of 3D intensities from femtosecond X-ray laser diffraction patterns. Thomas White

Jacek Grochowski Poster Prize (SIG 6)

Panel: Jean-Louis Hodeau

FA4-MS26-P02 – Deuterium disturbs – influence of deuterium on the ggregation of pyridine-N-oxides. Vera Vasylyeva, Klaus merz

European Mineralogical Union Poster Prize

Panel: Herta Effenberger

FA2-MS16-P45 – Comparison of HP data for X-ray diffraction in Beand diamond-backed DACs. Benedetta Periotto, F. Nestol, L. Olsen, T. Balic-Zunic, R. Miletich, R.J. Angele

Umicore Poster Prize for Functional Materials

Panel: Julien Haines

FA3-MS22-P04 – Phase Transitions in the lead-free mixed perovskite piezoelectrics. Maxim Korablev-Dyson, Sergey Vakhrushev, Dmitri Chernyshov

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