ECM-25 Poster Prizes

Calidris & Nanomegas Electron Crystallography(SIG 4) Prize

Prize: 500 €
Sponsor: Calidris and Nanomegas
Eligibility: Best poster / lecture student / post doc on electron crystallography, < 35 years with European affiliation
Panel: Joke Haderman, Laurie Marks, Holger Klein

FA3.MS03.P03 – Application of Automated Diffraction Tomography to Structural Solution of Inorganic Phases: Charoite. Entico Mugnaioli, Ute Kolb, Ira Rozhdestvenskaya, Wulf Depmeier, Michael Czank, Johannes Gutenberg Univ Mainz, Germany

Oxford Cryosystems Low Temp Prize

Prize: 250 £
Sponsor: Oxford Cryosystems
Eligibility: Best poster on applications or developments in low temp crystallography
Panel: Carlo Mealli, Len Barbour, Muhittan Aygun, Paola Paoli

FA4.MS06.P24 – Solid state preparation of palladium-carbene complexes. Emily M. Mutambi, Christopher J. Adams, A. Guy Orpen, Univ Bristol, UK

The EMU Poster Prize

Pize: Certificate and two volumes of the EMU Notes in Mineralogy
Sponsor: European Mineralogical Union (EMU)
Eligibility: Poster from scientist (< 35 years) from research in Mineralogical Sciences
Panel: Giovanni Ferraris, Herta Effenberger

FA2.MS01.P06 – Crystal Chemistry of the Divalent Cations in Solid-state Synthesized Fillowite-type Phosphates. Mélanie Rondeux, Frédéric Hatert, André-Mathieu Fransolet, Univeristé Liège, Belgium

Zeitschrift für Kristallographie Poster Prize

Prize: Six issues (print) of Zeitschrift für Kristallographie
Sponsor: Zeitschrift für Kristallographie
Eligibility: Best poster on crystallography of inorganic materials
Panel: Giovanni Ferraris, Herta Effenberger

FA3.MS03.P03 – Application of Automated Diffraction Tomography to Structural Solution of Inorganic Phases: Charoite. Entico Mugnaioli, Ute Kolb, Ira Rozhdestvenskaya, Wulf Depmeier, Michael Czank, Johannes Gutenberg Univ Mainz, Germany

CCDC Poster Prize

Three prizes: Each Prize a small trophy and a cash prize
Sponsor: Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre
Eligibility: Best student posters in Chemical crystallography or application of small molecule crystallographic info
Panel: Carlo Mealli, Len Barbour, Muhittan Aygun, Paola Paoli

FA1.MS12.P01 – Ligand’s Den: PURY Based Hetero Molecules’ Geometry Validation Server. Miha Andrejaié, Duan Turk Jozef Stephan Inst, Slovenia

FA4.MS08.P06 – A New Sc MOF Built up from Octadecasil Zeolitic Cages as Heterogeneous Catalyst. Felipe Gándara, Berta Gomez-Lor, Marta Iglesias, Natalia Snejko, Enrique Gutierrez-Puebla, M. Angeles Monge-Bravo, Inst Science & Materials, Madrid, Spain

FA4.MS02.P05 – The Cyano-bridged Pentanuclear Mn(III)4Fe(III) Cluster. Structure and Magnetic Properties. Ayse Karaoglu, Hulya Kara, Raif Kurtaran, Akin Azizoglu, Yasemin Yahsi, Lorenzo Sorace, Robert Hughes, Mairi F. Haddow Balikesir Univ, Turkey

IUCr Poster Prize

Two Prizes: Each a complimentary online access to all IUCr journals for one year, or volume of Int Tables for Crystallography
Sponsor: IUCr
Eligibility: Best poster graduate/ undergrad student; one each from FA1 & FA3
Panel: Paola Gilli, Janusz Lipkowski, Grzegorz Bujac, Mathias Bochtler

FA1.MS03.P03 – The Structure of DapD from Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Linda Schuldt, Simone Weyand, Georgia Kefala, Manfred S. Weiss EMBL, Hamburg, Germany

FA3.MS02.P05 – Topological Analysis of Vanadium Borides from High Resolution Single-crystal Diffraction Data. Burgehan Terlan, Horst Borrmann, Yuri Grin, Max Planck Inst, Dresden, Germany

RCSB PDB Poster Prize

Prize: Related educational book
Sponsor: Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics Protein Data Bank
Eligibility: Best student posters related to macromolecular crystallography
Panel: Elspeth Garman, Joel Sussman

FA1.MS03.P14 – Crystallization of bifunctional catalase-phenol oxidase (CATPO) from Scytalidium thermophilum. Yonca Yuzugullu, Chi Trinh, Arwen R. Pearson, Mark A. Smith, Simon Phillips, Ufuk Bakir, Michael J. McPherson, Zumrut B. Ogel, Middle East Technical Univ, Turkey

Marresearch Prize for Outstanding Young Scientist

Prize: One prize of 1000 Euro, or Two prizes of 500 Euro each if necessary
Sponsor: Marresearch
Eligibility: Best poster from students in the field of Crystallography and related topics; not obtained PhD yet
Panel: Fernando Lahoz, Gerlind Sulzenbacher, Olga Yakubovich

FA1.MS10.P09 – Sticky Triangles for Experimental Phasing. Tobias Beck, Tim Gruene, George M. Sheldrick, Georg August Univ, Gottingen, Germany

FA4.MS09.P03 – New Crystal Forms of the Antibiotic 4-aminosalicylic Acid. Vania Andre, Dario Braga, Fabrizia Grepioni, Maria Teresa Duarte, Inst Superior Tecnico, Lisbon, Portugal

Jacek Grochowski Poster Prize (SIG 6)

Prize: 100 € for purchase text in IUCr Crystallography Book Series or IUCr Int Tables Volume orpersonal subscription IUCr Journal e.g. J of Applied Crystallogror J of Synchrotron Radiation
Sponsor: ECA SIG 6 (Instruments and Experimental Techniques)
Eligibility: Best poster at an ECM in the domain of Instruments and Experimental Techniques in Crystallography
Panel: Naomi Chayen, Emmanuel Esaridak, Bob Cernik

FA1.MS10.P01 – Absorption Correction and Optimal Planning of Data Collection Based on a 3D Sample Model. Ricardo Miguel Ferraz Leal, Ivan Belyaev, Susana Cristina Marujo Teixeira, Victor Trevor Forsyth, Edward Michell, Alexander Sacha Popov, ESRF, Grenoble, France

Powder Diffraction Poster Prize (SIG 8)

Prize: 200 €
Sponsor: Rigaku
Eligibility: Best Poster in Powder Diffraction by young scientist at an ECM
Panel: Robert Cernik, Radovan Cerny, Radek Kuzel

FA5.MS01.P33 – Crystal Structures of the Rare Earth (RE) Thioborates RE6B3.33S14 (RE = Lu, Ho). Marija Borna, Jens Hunger, Dirk Zahn, Alim Ormeci, Rudiger Kniep, Max Planck Inst, Dresden, Germany

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