ECM-24 Poster Prizes

UCr poster prize

The IUCr Executive Committee is pleased to continue the series of awards to be presented at meetings of the Regional Associates. The prize will be awarded to the best poster from a graduate or undergraduate student, and will consist of complimentary online access to all IUCr journals for one year or a complimentary volume of International Tables or other IUCr publication.

Panel: Chris Gilmore, Claude Lecomte, Abdellah Boukhris, Nouredinne Ghermani


Eva Fernández (Spain)
Bettinah Chipimpi (South Africa)
Khachane Manar (Morocco)

Jacek Grochowski SIG6 prize

Panel: Jean-Louis Hodeau


Rene V. MARTINS, GKSS-research Centre Geesthach GmbH, Max-Planck-Strasse 1, 21502 Geesthacht, Germany. ” The status of GKSS’ High Energy Materials Science beamline at Petra III”

MarResearch Prize

MARRESEARCH awards young woman scientist

Panel: Sine Larsen, Elena Boldyreva, Herta Effenberger, Alessia Bacchi, Nouzha Bouhmaida, Fatimazohra Boujrhal


  • poster number MS28P03 of Emilie Leccia
  • poster number MS03P19 of Karolina Michalska.

CCDC and Oxford Cryo

The European Crystallographic Association (ECA) is pleased to announce that the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) is again sponsoring three Poster Prizes in chemical crystallography, to be awarded at the European Crystallography Meeting (ECM) in Morocco.The Poster Prizes are restricted to younger scientists as defined below.

Each CCDC Poster Prize will comprise a commemorative item and a monetary prize of 350 €.

OXFORD CRYOSYSTEMS LOW TEMPERATURE awards any poster describing applications of or developments in low temperature crystallography.

Panel: Joel Bernstein, Chick Wilson, Carl-Henrik Gorbitz, Elena Boldyreva, Amin Benouna

CCDC winners:

  • Laura Roces, Universidad de Oviedo, Spain, (MS11 P04 Full structural study of the zeolitic zincophosphate [H3N(CH2)3NH3]0.4[H0.2ZnPO4])
  • Tia Jacobs, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, (MS13 P16 Gassorption and binding in a nonporous single crystal)
  • Dejan-Kresimir Bucar, University of Iowa (MS15 P03: Preparation and reactivity of nanosized cocrystals formed by sonocrystallizatin).

Oxford cryo winner:

Yaroslav Filinchuk, SNBL at ESRF – BP 220, 6 rue Jules Horowitz, 38043 Grenoble Cedex, FRANCE rf.fr1721259648se@ku1721259648hcnil1721259648iF.va1721259648lsora1721259648Y1721259648

RCSB Prize

RCSB PROTEIN DATA BANK awards the best student poster presentation at the meeting involving macromolecular crystallography

Panel: Anders Liljas, Alexander Wlodawer, Wolfram Saenger, Vilmos Fulop, Tomitake Tsukihara


Humberto Couto Fernandes, Center for Biocrystallographic Research, Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poznan, Poland. MS05 P05: Yellow lupine pathogenesis-related protein as a reservoir for cytokinins

ZfK and EMU Prizes

ZEITSCHRIFT FÜR KRISTALLOGRAPHIE awards the best poster on crystallography of inorganic materials.

EMU awards the best poster for mineralogical crystallography

Panel: Herta Effenberger, Massimo Nespolo, Giovanni Ferraris, Mohamed el Azhari

EMU winner: L.A.Pajdzik, MS41P12: Three-dimensioanl Birefringence Imaging of Optically Anisotropic Materials

ZfK winner: Oliver Oeckler, MS41P10: Crystal Chemistry of disordered layer-like oxonitridosilicates

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