ECM-23 Poster Prizes

Oxford Cryosystems Poster Prize

  • Roelandt De Borger – Belgium – poster m43.p01 “The conformational landscape of stilbenes: a reassuring observation”

IUCr Poster Prize

  • Sonja Hammer – Germany – poster m13.p17 “Simulation of the absorption of acetone on ice at surfaces, bulk ice and small-angle grain boundary”
  • Andreas Lemmerer – South-Africa – poster m39.p06 “Temperature Dependant Phase Transitions of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Perovskites”
  • Maarten Dewilde – Belgium – m06.p02 “Elucidation of the molecular interaction mechanism between PAI-1 and a PAI-1 inhibiting antibody fragment Fab-55F4C12”

RCSB Protein Data Bank Poster Prize

  • Gregor Hageluken – Germany – m09.p08- “SdsA1 from P. aeruginosa, defines a new mechanistic class of sulfatases”

The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) poster prizes

  • Sara Wishkermann – Israel – m30.p15 – “Polymorphism in 4-methoxy-3-nitrobenzaldehyde”
  • Emiliana D’Oria – Spain – m13.p09 – “The nature of the C-H···F interaction found in molecular crystals evaluated by ab initio calculations”
  • Sam M. Hawxwell – United Kingdom – m41.p20 – “The Design and Synthesis of Metal-Carboxylate Coordination Polymers”

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