ECM-22 Poster Prizes

Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) Poster Prizes in chemical crystallography

  • Ayesha Jacobs – South-Africa – poster s7.m25.p1 “Isostructurality in Xanthenol Clathrates”
  • Thammarat Aree – Switzerland – poster s13.m35.p1 “Atomic Displacement Parameters of the alpha-Polymorph of p-Dichlorobenzene Measured between 15 and 300 K”
  • Zoran Stefanic -Croatia – poster s13.m42.p19 “Hydrogen bonding organization in crystal structures of (S,S)-N,N’-phthaloyl-bis(amino acid) derivatives”

The Oxford Cryosystems Low Temperature Prize to the best poster describing applications of its developments in low temperature crystallography

  • Philippe Fernandes -UK – poster s8.m27.p8 “Gaining Information at Low-T with Laboratory Capillary X-Ray Powder Data Collection”

Sigma-Aldrich (Fluka Chemistry) Youth Excellence Award to a young participant under the age of 35

  • Oleg Kovalev -Germany – poster s5.m19.p4 “Structure of Zeolite MFI with Tetrabutylammoniumfluorid as Template”

RCSB Protein Data Bank awards the RCSB PDB Poster Prize for the best graduate / undergraduate student poster presentation involving macromolecular crystallography

  • Jacques-Philippe Colletier -France – poster s1.m4.p2 “Kinetic crystallography on cholinesterases”

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