ECM-29 Poster Prizes

JamesHall BenedicteLafumat DuncanJohnstone
DariaAndronikova NicholasPearce MarcinStachowicz
IgorMelnikov IUCr-awardees CinthiaCorrea
CrystEngCommAwardees AnastasiaShilova CCDCawardees

IUCr Poster Prize x3

Panel: Manfred Weiss, Carlo Mealli, Manuel Hinterstein, Artem Abakumov

Field: Biological, Chemical and Physical Crystallography
Sponsor: IUCr
Prize: Complimentary print volume of International Tables for Crystallography

Anton Brausemann, Institui für Biochemie, Alben-Ludwigs-Universitat Freiburg, Germany [MSS-PS Structural insight into the phytoene desaturase of rice]

Eleonora Conterosito, Universila del Piemonie Orientals Dipanimento di Scienze e innovazione Tecnologica, Italy [MS17-P2 In-situ single cwstal XRD study of absorption and desorption of C02 in zeolite]

Matteo Alvaro, University of Pavia, Italy [MS17-P11 A new micro-furnace for “in situ” high-temperature single crystal X-ray diffraction measurements]


crystengcommCrystEngComm X3

Panel: Chiara Massera, Jerome Rouquette, Céline Mariette, Gerlind Sulzenbacher, Demi Levendis, Carl Henrik Gorbitz
Field: Any
Sponsor: Royal Society of Chemistry, CEC
Prize: £ 50 Royal Society of Chemistry book voucher + a CrystEngComm-branded certificate signed by the Editor

Josefina Perles, Laboratorio de Difraccién de Rayos X de Monocrislal, Servicio Interdepartamental de Investigacién, Universidad Auténoma de Madrid, Spain [MS15-P30 Thiolate halide copper(I) 2D coordination polymers with thermochromic luminescent properties]

Laura Valle Rios, Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany [MS15-P22 Synthesis and structural characterization of off-stoichiometric Cu2ZnSnSe4]

Shu Tsukui, Division of Forest and Biomaterials Science, Graduate School ongflcu/ture, Kyoto University, Japan [MS11-P1 Application of magnetically oriented microcrystal array to X-ray and neutron crystallography]


ccdcCCDC Poster Prize X3

Field: Chemical crystallography
Panel: Michael Pitcher, Luciano Marchio, Marijana Đaković, Sofiane Saouane, Martin Schmidt
Sponsor: CCDC
Prize: commemorative item + cash prize

Natalie Johnson, School of Chemislnr, Bedson Building, Newcastle University, UK [MS45-P1 X-ray origins: protection or paranoia?]

Prem Lama, Department of Chemistry and Polymer Science, University of Sleilenbosch, South Africa [MS2O-P13 In situ crystallographic evidence to isolate pore forms under gas pressure in a flexible Zn(II)-MOF]

Jens Luebben, Georg-August—University Goettingen, Germany [MS37-P6 X and N multi-temperature study on rotational disorder in crystalline N-Acetyl-L4-hydroxyproline]


pdbRCSB Protein Data Bank Poster Prize

Panel: Eleanor Dodson, Marjolein Thunissen, Isabel Uson
Field: Macromolecular Crystallography
Sponsor: RCSB PDB
Prize: educational book

Bénédicte Lafumat, ESRF. 6 Rue Jules Horowitz, Grenoble, France [MS12-P4 Structural basis for sensitivity of fluorescent proteins to molecular Oxygen investigated by high-pressure crystallography]


garlandGarland Science Poster Prize

Panel: Eleanor Dodson, Marjolein Thunissen, Isabel Uson
Field: Macromolecular crystallography
Sponsor: Garland Science
Prize: Book Biomolecular Crystallography Principles, Practice, and Application to Structural Biology by Bernhard Rupp

Nicholas Pearce, University of Oxford [MSS-PG PANDDAS: multi-dataset methods for finding hits from fragment screening by X-ray crystallography]


grochowskiSIG 6 Jacek Grochowski Poster Prize

Panel: Ulrich Pietsch, John R Helliwell, Vincent Favre-Nicolin
Field: Instrumentation and Experimental Techniques
Sponsor: SRS Daresbury Laboratory and the University of Manchester
Prize: 100 euro

Marcin Stachowicz, Biological and Chemical Research Centre, Chemistry Department, University of Warsaw, Poland [MS14-P5 Temperature and pressure induced phase transitions in chevkinite group. Ajoint XRD, XPS and EPMA structural studies]


calidrisSIG4 Electron Crystallography Poster Prize

Panel: Alex Eggeman, Mauro Gemmi, Stephanie Kodjikian
Field: Electron Crystallography
Sponsors: Calidris
Prize: 500 E + Electron Crystallography by Zou, Hovmöller and Oleynikov

Cinthia Corrêa, Department of Physics of Materials, Charles University Prague [MSZ7-P7 Dynamically refined PEDT of NiZSi compared to XRD]


nanomegasSIG4 Electron Crystallography Poster Prize

Panel: Alex Eggeman, Mauro Gemmi, Stephanie Kodjikian
Field: Electron Crystallography
Sponsors: Nanomegas
Prize: 500 E + Electron Crystallography by Zou, Hovmöller and Oleynikov

Duncan Johnstone, Depanment of Materials Science & Metallurgy, University of Cambridge, UK [M527-P8 Machine learning decomposition of scanning precession electron diffraction data]


OlexysSIG9 Crystallographic Computing Poster Prize

Panel: Andrew Maloney, Lukas Palatinus
Field: Computational Crystallography
Sponsor: OlexSys
Prize: 250 euro

Igor Melnikov, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Grenoble, France [MS1-P11 The analysis of the mesh scan data for macromolecular data collection]


stoeSIG12 prize

Panel: Julien Haines, Andrzej Grzechnik, Manuel Hinterstein
Sponsor: STOE & Cie GmbH
Prize: 200 Euro
Field: functional materials

Daria Andronikova, Ioffe Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia [MSZ4—P3 Phase transitions in PbZr(1-x)TixO3 with low Ti concentrations studied by X-ray scattering]


oxfordOxford Cryosystems Low Temperature Prize

Panel: Andrzej Grzechnik, Matthew Bowler, Anna Warren
Field: any
Sponsor: Oxford Cryosystems
Prize: 250 GBP

loana Sovago, Deparfment of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen [MSZB-P5 Free energy determination applied for gallic acid monohydrate polymorphs]


febsFEBS Journal Poster Prize

Panel: Joel L. Sussman, Yvette Roske, Gordon Leonard, Ute Krengel
Field: Crystallography in Biochemistry
Sponsor: FEBS Journal
Prize: Diploma + 200 EUR

Alkistis Mitropoulou, King’s College London, Randall Division of Cell and Molecular Biophysics, London, UK [MSB-Ps The crystal structure of a common allergen in complex with its specific patient-derived antibody]


structuraldynamicsStructural Dynamics Poster Prize

Panel: John R Helliwell, Semen Gorfman,
Field: Dynamics
Sponsor: The AIP Publishing/ACA Journal Structural Dynamics
Prize: 250 USD + one year complimentary membership in the ACA

James Hall, Department of Chemistry, University of Reading, Reading, UK [M538-P16 Combining X-ray crystallography and ultrafast infrared spectroscopy — monitoring photo-induced guanine oxidation by [Ru(TAP)2(dppz)]2*]


hukcacCroatian Association of Crystallographers Poster Prize for Young Scientists

Panel: Marija Luić, Anton Meden, Jasminka Popović, Biserka Prugovečki
Field: any
Sponsor: Croatian Association of Crystallographers
Prize: Registration fee for 3rd European Crystallography School (ECS3) – Bol, island of Brač, Croatia, September 2016

Anastasiia Shilova, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), Grenoble, France [MS1-P12 Development of serial crystallography at ESRF, D13]

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