Call for nominations for three ECA prizes

The European Crystallographic Association (ECA) is pleased to announce a call for nominations for three different prizes:

  • the twelfth Max Perutz Prize. This Prize will be awarded in recognition of meritorious achievements in any branch of crystallography to an individual scientist clearly affiliated with the ECA.  More information here.
  • the second Alajos Kálmán Prize. This Prize will be awarded to an individual researcher in recognition for outstanding scientific contributions in the field of structural sciences within the last 5-10 years. The nominee must have a clear affiliation with ECA. The prize has been established by the Hungarian Chemical Society and is endorsed by ECA. More information here.
  • the tenth Erwin Félix Lewy Bertaut Prize.  This prize is awarded to a young scientist (up to 8 years after finishing her or his PhD thesis) having a clear affiliation with the ECA/ENSA region, in recognition of notable experimental, methodological or theoretical contributions to the investigation of matter using crystallographic or neutron scattering methods. The European Neutron Scattering Association (ENSA) and ECA  award the Bertaut Prize in a regular alternating sequence, or as specified by the two associations based on mutual agreement. More information here.

The prizes will be awarded at the next European Crystallographic Meeting (August 2022) in Versailles, France.

Nominators for the Perutz and Kálmán prizes may be ECA Individual Members, or any person or group from a national member of ECA, or any Corporate Affiliated Member. The same holds for the Bertaut prize but includes the ENSA community. The nominator must ensure a signed acceptance of the nomination by the nominee.

The nominator must indicate briefly why the candidate is nominated and may include matters such as publication record and impact of their research in the scientific community. However, the uniqueness of their pioneering contributions and the usefulness of the nominee’s work will be of prime consideration to the selection committees.

The nominees shall not hold a current position on the ECA Executive Committee (and ENSA for the Bertaut prize) and must be a listed member of the World Directory of Crystallography.  The winners receive the award during the  ECM33 and present a lecture at this occasion.

Nominations are now open and will close on March 31th 2022.

Nominations for the Perutz and Bertaut prizes need to be sent to the ECA Vice President who chairs the two prize committees.  Nominations for the Kálmán prize need to be sent  to the chair of ECA’s SIG13, who is also chair of the Kálmán prize committee.