SIG09 Coordinator

  • Dear SIG-9 members,

    on behalf of the Warsow group, I send you the job advertisement below.

    Best wishes,
    Martin Lutz (SIG-9 chair)

    We (Krzysztof Wozniak group in Warsow, Poland) are looking for two postdocs for project related to develoment of HAR (Hirshfeld atom refinement):

    (1) Postdoc1 with programming skills (preferred C++…[Read more]

  • Dear all

    please note that the SIG9 meeting (for discussion of SIG matters) will take place on Thursday 24th August from 1900 to 2000 in room MR 1.01-03 at the Hyderabad International Conference Centre.

    All are welcome.

    The main topics of discussion will be –

    (a) Computing School to be held in Mieres, Spain prior to ECM21 in Oviedo,…[Read more]

  • Dear all

    SIG9 requires someone to spend a bit of their time at the ‘ECM31 Programme Committee’ Meeting which will be held On Tuesday 30th at 12:00 h in Osaka room at ECM30 in Basel.

    If you would like to be more involved in the process, please get in touch with me directly and I will send you further details. This meeting will probably not last…[Read more]

  • SIG09 Coordinator posted an update 8 years ago

    Finally, I have the registration details in place for the “Methods in Crystallographic Computing” workshop before ECM30. The Workshop will be held in Freudentstadt in the Black Forest from 25-28 August – attendance is not dependent on registration for ECM30, and registration will be via…[Read more]