Welcome to the new ECA website

The ECA website has been redesigned to have a new look and functionality. Most of the contents of the previous site have been incorporated; if you find any missing or wrong information, please contact the ECA webmaster.

The old site is still accessible at http://ecanews.org/old/. Please notice that your login/password from the old site will not work in the new one. We are moving the ECA members database to the new site, but this is not yet done. You can still use your password to access the membership/payments site as before.

Since the site has only been tested in a private setup, new functionality, like on-line forms may take some time to get stabilized. Some new content (like information on the Interest Groups) is expected to change a lot as the coordinators review it. Sorry for the inconveniences and thank you for your help in making this site better with your contributions.

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