SIG-11 Inauguration Document

SIG #11

Special Interest Group
on Crystallography under Extreme Conditions
of the European Crystallographic Association


Alain Polian (France)


Stanko Popovic (HR)
Wulf Depmeier (D)
Claude Lecomte (F)
Chick Wilson (UK)

Topics \ Area of the SIG

The following topics are intended to play an important role in the field of SIG s activity:

– X-ray diffraction and absorption at high pressure and high or low temperature
– Inelastic S-ray scattering
– Neutron diffraction at high pressure and high or low temperature
– Inelastic neutron scattering
– Phase transitions studies

Status (Rules)

1. Title

A special Interest Group within the European Crystallographic Association (ECA) entitled Crystallography under Extreme Conditions, .CEC

2. Objectives

The principal objectives of the crystallography under extreme conditions SIG is to develop and strengthen links and interactions in the community of scientists studying the matter under extreme conditions of pressure, temperature, magnetic field, …

3. Membership

All European crystallographers interested in the structural properties of matter under extreme conditions are encouraged to join the CEC SIG. Those not living or working in one of the ECA Member Countries have to register as IM’s of the ECA.

4. Organization

The activities of CEC will be organized by its Steering Committee, consisting of 10-15 members (including Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary). The election procedure for the Steering Committee and the maximum period for its membership will be established during the start-up period of CEC, which will cover three years. During the start up period the Steering Committee will initially consist of the Promoters and a Vice-chair and Secretary who will be nominated from the Founding members.
The first meeting of the active group of founding members has been successfully held in Nancy. It was decided that the preliminary board of SIG will consist

chairmen: Alain Polian (France)
vice chairmen Martin Kunz (Swizerland)
secretary : Julien Haines ( France)

5. Activities

The SIG should:
– Organize micro symposia and plenary talks at ECM’s;
– Organize seminars, workshops; satellite meetings of the ECM’s;
– Organize regular school for young scientists involved in the problems of extreme conditions x-ray diffraction and absorption;
– Set-up of web-site with information about meetings, addresses, etc.;
– Preparation of databases and computer programs. Access to information about them are to be given via the website;
– Cooperate with the High pressure IUCr Commissions in the organization of corresponding micro symposia at IUCr Congress;

6. Founding Members

Adriano Filipponi (Italy)
Jean Pierre Gaspard (Belgium)
Igor Goncharenko (Russia)
Stephen Hull (U.K.)
Jean Paul Iti? (France)
Richard Nelmes (U.K.) ex officio (chairman of the High Pressure Commission of the IUCr)
Piotr Perlin (Poland)
Karl Syassen (Germany)

Plans for next meetings
Jean Paul Itié, Moshe Pasternak, Piotr Perlin and Alain Polian have already arranged for two micro-symposia at Nancy. At least, the same number of micro-symposia have been organized at the Krakow meeting,. The same organization will be valid for the next ECA meeting in Durban.