SIG-09 Inauguration Document

SIG #9

Special Interest Group
on Crystallographic Computing
of the European Crystallographic Association


   Davide Viterbo
Claude Lecomte
Lachlan Cranswick
Sacha Urzhumtsev
David Watkin


The Proposal for the CCSIG is supported by the following Councillors:

Frank Allen (UK)
Jindrich Hasek (CZ)
Claude Lecomte (F)
Margareta Zehnder (CH)

Aims of the Crystallographic Computing SIG

The principal aim of the Crystallographic Computing SIG is to promote an active and vigourous crystallographic computing community. It can achieve this by:

1 Organising microsymposia at every ECM .
2 Participating at other meetings and micro-symposia.
3 Participating at Schools.
4 Seeking opportunity to raise crystallographers awareness of the importance of continuing software development.
5 Seeking opportunity to introduce young crystallographers to software development.
6 Encouraging diversity in crystallographic software development and encouraging software users to be adventurous and open-minded.
7 Providing support and assistance to each other.

Preliminary Rules for the SIG

The Initial Officers shall be:
Davide Viterbo – Acting Chairman
David Watkin – Acting IUCr Computing Commission Representative
Another – ActingSecretary (to be chosen by Viterbo)

The Initial Officers shall be responsible for organising an Inaugural Session at the ECM in Nancy, 2000.
The Agenda for that session shall include:
–  Make up of Committee
Number of Ordinary Members
–  Period in Office of Officers
–  Election of Officers
–  Activities of SIG
–  Microsymposia at ECMs
–  Web pages
–  Software presentations and evaluation
–  Establishing a software competition and prize for ‘young’ crystallographers.
–  Software ‘Fairs’

Plans for first meeting

Claude Lecomte, Davide Viterbo and David Watkin have already arranged for a Microsymposium at Nancy.


( dd. 30 Nov. 1999 )

Allen, Frank
Bailly, Sue
Bernstein, Joel
Beurskens, Paul
Cascarano, Gianluca
Cranswick, Lachlan
Dodson, Eleanor
Flack, Howard
Hasek, Jindrich
Kaftory, Manahem
Lecomte, Claude
Mallinson, Paul
Neuburger, Markus
Podjarny, Alberto
Prout, Keith
Spagna, Riccardo
Spek, Anthony
Steigemann, Wolfgang
Turk, Dusan
Urzhumtsev, Sacha
Viterbo, Davide
Watkin, David
Winn, Martyn