GIG-02 Statutes

Senior Crystallographers ECA General Interest Group


I. Name of the Group
The name of this group shall be Senior Crystallographers’ General Interest Group (hereafter GIG-SC) of the European Crystallographic Association.
II. Purpose
The purpose of the GIG-SC is to represent the interests, needs and concerns of Senior Crystallographers as defined under IV. The goals of the GIG-SC are:

  • To incorporate the senior crystallographers into the European Crystallographic Association community and to promote activities at scientific, organizational and social levels.
  • To construct an appropriate scenario for the exchange of ideas and information relevant to senior crystallographers.
III. Relationship with the European Crystallographic Association
The GIG-SC is integrated in the European Crystallographic Association by decision of its executive committee at its meeting in Bergen, Norway, 7th – 11th August 2012. The GIG-SC will conform to the Statutes of the European Crystallographic Association.
IV. Membership
Membership of the GIG-SC is open to all crystallographers in accord with its objectives and with an interest in its activities.
V. Organization
The organization of the GIG-SC is administered by a committee of six (6) people elected from the members of the GIG-SC.
The committee appoints a Chair, a Co-Chair, a Secretary and a webmaster chosen from amongst the committee members.
The term of office of each committee member shall run from one General Meeting of the GIG-SC to the next. The term of any committee member is limited to four consecutive periods.
VI. Activities
The GIG-SC may engage in any activities consistent with the Constitution of the European Crystallographic Association, its By-laws, and its Operating Rules, which in its opinion further the purposes of the GIG-SC.
The GIG-SC should:

  • Organize sessions at European Crystallographic Meetings that are in line with the GIG-SC interests and devised in cooperation with the respective Program Committee of the Meeting.
  • Offer assistance with the organization of microsymposia and plenary talks at the European Crystallographic Meetings.
  • Organize social activities for the GIG-SC members at European Crystallographic Meetings.
  • Set-up and maintain a GIG-SC web-site containing relevant information for the GIG-SC and its members.
VII. GIG-SC General Meetings
A General Meeting of the GIG-SC shall be held at each of the European Crystallographic Meetings organized by the European Crystallographic Association. A General Meeting may optionally also be organized at each Congress of the International Union of Crystallography.
A simple majority of those members present shall be sufficient to pass a motion or an election at these meetings.
The GIG-SC Committee shall inform GIG-SC members of the time and place of the General Meeting and remind members of the GIG-SC of the elections to be held during the General Meeting.
The GIG-SC Committee shall invite GIG-SC members to submit proposals for future activities and feedback about the functioning of the GIG-SC.

Version 11th September 2015

These statutes were unanimously approved by the General Meeting of the GIG-SC held on Tuesday 25th August 2015 in Rovinj, Croatia.