GIG-01 Inauguration Document

GIG #1

General Interest Group
Young Crystallographers
of the European Crystallographic Association

The GIG1 (Young Crystallographers) has been approved Ad Interim by the ECA Councillors in Darmstadt at ECM26 Council so as to allow the start of their work. The revisions of statutes, as proposals to the ECA Councillors, are under active preparation by the ECA Executive Committee.

I. Name of the Group

The name of this group shall be Young Crystallographers General Interest Group (GIG-YC).

II. Promoters

L. Susanne Coles (neé Huth), ku.ca1708662689.noto1708662689s@htu1708662689H.S1708662689
Laura Roces, se.iv1708662689oinu@1708662689arual1708662689secor1708662689
Alexander Van Driessche, se.ci1708662689sc.ce1708662689l@red1708662689nas1708662689
Laura Torre-Fernández, se.iv1708662689oinu@1708662689arual1708662689errot1708662689

III. Proponents (Councillors)

1- Engin Kendi
2- Georgina Rosair
3- Helen Stoeckli-Evens
4- Nouzha Bouhmaida
5- Enrique Gutiérrez-Puebla

IV. Purpose

The purpose of the Young Crystallographers General Interest Group is to represent the interests, needs and concerns of European Young Crystallographers as defined under VI.

The goals of this GIG-YC are:

  1. To incorporate the YCs into the ECA community and promote activities at scientific, organizational and social levels.
  2. To construct an appropriate scenario for the exchange of ideas and information relevant to YCs.
  3. To act as a breeding ground for new projects and collaborations between different groups initiated by YCs taking their first steps into independent research.

V. Relationship with the European Crystallographic Association

This GIG-YC is integrated in the ECA and will conform to the ECA Statutes.

VI. Membership

Membership of this Group is open to all European (using the understanding of European as provided in the ECA Statutes), graduate students as well as postdoctoral fellows or other young scientists who are starting their career in crystallography or in any related area. An age limit of 35 is established.

VII. Organization

The organization of the GIG-YC shall commence via a Panel, which consists of an Executive Committee and a Board of National Representatives.

The activities of the GIG-YC shall be administrated by the Executive Committee consisting of six Officers, i.e. Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary, Secretary-Elect, Webmaster and Webmaster-Elect, that are elected by the GIG-YC members at a Group Assembly. The Officer-Elect shall automatically succeed to the respective Officer after one year. Vacant, unexpired terms shall be filled by appointment by the Executive Committee until the next Group Assembly.

The Board of National Representatives shall act in an advisory role to the Executive Committee and should ideally include one representative for each National Member of the ECA. National Representatives shall be recruited and appointed by the Executive Committee of the GIG-YC in collaboration with the Councillors of the ECA.

Only members of the GIG-YC are eligible for membership of the GIG-YC Panel.

The term of office for each Panel position shall be for the two calendar years immediately following election or appointment.

Three months before the European or International Meeting on Crystallography, the Executive Committee will notify the members of the Group of any vacancies on the Panel and invite candidates for each position with elections to be held during the following Group Assembly. No persons may be elected to any office of the Executive Committee for more than two consecutive terms.

During the start-up period the Executive Committee will consist of Laura Roces and Susanne Coles as co-chairs, Alexander Van Driessche as secretary and Peter Wood as Webmaster.

VIII. Activities

The Executive Committee and the Group may engage in any activities consistent with the ECA Constitution, By-laws, and Operating Rules, which in its opinion further the purposes of the Group.

The GIG-YC should:

  • Organize scientific sessions at European Crystallography Meetings that are in line with the Group’s interests and devised in cooperation with the respective Program Committee of the Meeting.
  • Offer assistance with the organization of microsymposia and plenary talks at the ECM.
  • Organize social activities for the Group’s members at the European Crystallography Meetings.
  • Set-up and maintain a GIG-YC web-site containing relevant information for the Group and its members.

At least once a year and no later than three months before an European or International Meeting on Crystallography, the Secretary will invite the Group members to submit proposals for future activities and feedback about the functioning of the GIG.

IX. GIG-YC Assemblies

A meeting of the Group shall be held annually to coincide with one of the regular meetings of the ECA or IUCr Congress. A simple majority of those votes shall be sufficient to pass a motion at a business meeting.

X. Founding Members