Third Alajos Kálmán Prize to Piero Macchi

The Alajos Kálmán Prize preserves the memory of the late Alajos Kálmán, an eminent scientist in the field of chemical crystallography. The Prize is established by the Hungarian Chemical Society and is endorsed by European Crystallographic Association (ECA). This year the prize goes to Professor Piero Macchi from the Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering at Polytechnic of Milan, Italy.

Professor Piero Macchi has made fundamental and ground-breaking contributions to both Quantum Crystallography and Extreme Conditions Crystallography. His research includes the development of computational tools available to all charge density scientists. He has advanced the technique and boundaries of what one can do in experimental charge density measurements. His work leads to new experimental capabilities at the upgraded Swiss Light Source. He has an impressive record of high-impact publications, he made substantial contributions to the crystallographic community, and he has supervised numerous young researchers.

The awardee’s lecture is scheduled to 12:00-12:30 on Friday, 30th August 2024 in Padova.