ECA statement on Ukraine

The European Crystallographic Association (ECA) is joining a large and growing number of European and international research organizations in condemning the acts of aggression by the armed forces of the Russian Federation and the military invasion of its independent neighbor, Ukraine, a national member of ECA.

Our thoughts are with our fellow crystallographers, their families, friends, and the people of Ukraine, whose daily suffering is beyond imagination. At the same time, we applaud and stand in solidarity with those Russian scientists who courageously speak out against this unlawful military aggression in their home country and elsewhere, and trust they will not be impacted by expressing their human right to do so. Moreover, we appeal to local, national, European, and world authorities to make every effort to restore peace immediately, before more innocent civilians are severely impacted or lose their lives. Diplomacy, dialogue, and goodwill are the means for resolving serious conflicts such as the present one, and we call for these.

During 50 years of concerted scientific activities, the European crystallographic community has provided a platform for the exchange of scientific knowledge across national borders and cultures. The European Crystallographic  Association is committed to continue its efforts to remain a resource to foster future collaborations and peaceful and sustainable coexistence.

In 2021, the Council of the European Crystallographic Association invited the city of Lviv to host the European Crystallographic Meeting (ECM35). Along with all crystallographers in Europe, we are looking forward to celebrating this event in 2025 in a peaceful, free, and flourishing Ukraine.

ECA Executive Committee