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    Dear member of SIG-01 forum of ECA,
    The program of the next year’s ECM32 (Vienna) is being assembled.
    Please send your suggestions or comments on the draft version either to the SIG01 forum or directly to the SIG01 officers till October 15.

    Jan Dohnalek, SIG-01 vice chair

    Proposed microsymposia (7 more related to methods, 3 of which together with SIG 9, 6 more biologically themed):

    1. Integrative/Combined methods
    2. Crystallisation and biophysical characterisation
    3. Serial approaches in crystallography
    4. Fragment/ligand binding: tools & development
    5. low resolution software development both in Xrays & EM (together with SIG 9)
    6. Validation; errors & noise (together with SIG 9)
    7. Big Data (together with SIG 9)
    8. Structural enzymology
    9. Structural bioinformatics
    10. Cryo EM results
    11. Hot Structures
    12. Proteins-nucleic-acid interactions
    13. Proteins in signalling (including membrane proteins)

    Proposed keynote lectures:
    1. Luca Jovine (SE), “Structure of Zona Pellucida Module Proteins”
    2. Martin Caffrey (IRL), “Methods to obtain the structure of
    undecaprenyl-pyrophosphate phosphatase and its role in peptidoglycan
    3. Naomi E. Chayen (UK), “Topic of macromolecular crystal growth”
    4. David Stuart (UK), “Structural biology of virus-receptor interactions ”
    5. Keith Wilson (UK), “40 years of CCP4”