SIG-08 Inauguration Document

SIG #8

Special Interest Group
on Powder Diffraction
of the European Crystallographic Association


All members of the European Powder Diffraction Conference (EPDIC) Committee (see and list below), who are also Individual Members of ECA.


The Proposal for the SIGPD is supported by the following Councillors:

Austria:     Prof. Dr. A. Preisinger
Belgium:     Dr. Albert T.H. Lenstra
Finland:     Prof. Timo Paakkari
Netherlands: Prof. Dr. J. Kroon


1. Title: “Special Interest Group on Powder Diffraction” ( = SIGPD ).

2. Objectives: to represent, support and synchronize activities related to the field of powder diffraction. To stimulate information exchange and  diffusion within the European powder diffraction community.

3. Membership: all European scientists involved with academic and industrial applications of powder diffraction are encouraged to join the SIGPD.
Application should be submitted to the SIGPD Committee.

4. Activities: the SIGPD will:

  • organize independent Conferences, such as the European Powder Diffraction Conferences (EPDIC) and other Meetings, Schools and Seminars and also make suggestions for plenary talks and microsymposia at ECM’s;
  • cooperate with other bodies in the field of powder diffraction as the IUCr Commission on Powder Diffraction (CPD), the International Center for Diffraction Data (ICDD), the International X-ray Analytical Society (IXAS), and with the national powder diffraction groups.
  • act as a reference body for advice and consultation in the field of powder diffraction;
  • foster cross-links between academic developments and industrial applications in the field.

5. Organization: the steering committee of the SIGPD is formed by all members of The EPDIC Committee. The Committee should be composed of scientists of international reputation who are elected for the period of the next three EPDIC Conferences. The Chairman is elected by the Committee members (by majority vote) for three EPDICs (or in any case for a maximum of 6 years) and can be re-elected only once. He can however continue to serve as a Committee member for the period of the next three EPDIC Conferences.  1/3 of the Committee is to be renewed every EPDIC Conference (a minimum of 2 members must be renewed). Re-election for one term only is possible. The renewal process will start at EPDIC-7. Suggestions for renewal can be presented by people not present at the EPDIC Conference; the suggestions will be taken into account during the renewal process. The dates of EPDICs and further information on EPDIC activities can be found at the EPDIC website, The list of promoters (i.e. EPDICom members) is identical to the list of members of the EPDIC Committee as established at EPDIC-6:

     G Artioli,            Milano, Italy
     D Balzar,            Zagreb, Croatia and Boulder, USA
     RJ Cernik,         SRS, Daresbury, UK
     R Cerny,            Geneva, Switzerland
     WIF David,        ISIS, Oxon, UK
     R Delhez,           Delft, The Netherlands
     W Eysel,            Heidelberg, Germany
     J Fiala,               Plzen, Czech Republic
     AN Fitch,           ESRF, Grenoble, France
     HE Gvbel,          Munchen, Germany
     SA Ivanov,         Moscow, Russia
     A Kern,              Bruker AXS, Karlsruhe, Germany
     D Loukr,            Rennes, France
     A Meden,           Ljubljana, Slovenia
     EJ Mittemeijer, Stuttgart, Germany                            – Chairman
     B Palosz,            UNIPRESS, Warsaw, Poland
     A Preisinger,      Wien, Austria                                   – Vice-Chairman
     J Rius,                Barcelona, Espana
     P Scardi,             Trento, Italy
     K Stehl ,             Lyngby, Denmark
     R Tellgren,        Uppsala, Sweden
     T Ungar,            Budapest, Hungary
     A Vermeulen,    PHILIPS, Almelo, The Netherlands
     JW Visser,        Delft, The Netherlands