GIG-03 Education in Crystallography

Scope and Objectives

The purpose of the General Interest Group on Education in Crystallography is to promote and spread crystallography through education at different levels.

The goals of the GIG-EC are:

  1. Foster ideas and develop projects for the diffusion of crystallographic teaching.
  2. Create a network to help monitor and rationalize activities relevant to the GIG.
  3. Increase the awareness of the general public towards crystallography and its importance in modern science.

GIG-03 Officers

Chair: Annalisa Guerri (
Vice-Chair: Chiara Massera (
Secretary: Marijana Đaković (
Webmaster: Fermin Otálora (
Board members: Catharine Esterhuysen (, Fernando J. Lahoz (, John Helliwell (, Fermin Otálora Muñoz (